Whitening smiles on a 37 square mile island.

In the fall of 2020, we were approached by a dentist who was ready to begin her solo career and open her very own dental practice on a small island in the Caribbean.
Due to the pandemic (also known in our office as the panini), the project spanned over a couple of months. During the designing process and getting the website up and running, there were many unforeseen setbacks. Nevertheless, we forged on, laughing our way through while celebrating every small accomplishment.
We also had to deal with a time difference of six hours, but we made it work because our clients and our team were determined and motivated.
And let me tell you, nothing beats a motivated client. 

Below we take you deeper into the project from start to finished product.

Brainstorming Sessions

All of our sessions start with getting to know our clients and the story behind their brands and businesses.
This time it wasn’t any different.
After bouncing ideas back and forth and hearing more about the
client and what they envisioned for the practice, we got an idea of what they wanted.

Our first step was to gather all the information from all of our
sessions and then we created two to three different stylescapes .This allowed us to map out the direction & tone for the practice.

We know we wanted to create a modern logo and add some fun elements to it that would reflect the personality of the practice and be welcoming to people of all ages.

Design & Concept

Taking what we gathered from our discovery session and the
chosen stylescape, we got busy creating a concept design for Brydent Dental Clinic.

Yes, typical you might say, but we wanted the brand mark design to be obvious
to dentistry, and nothing says dentistry like a tooth. One word that our client brought
up during our sessions was that she wanted to make her clients smile more. It’s also stated in their slogan.
We decided to add a smile element to the logo. This would add a more playful aspect to the logo. We know how some people dislike going to the dentist, so hopefully, the happy toothy logo we came up with would help alleviate some of the anxiety associated with going to the dentist.

The color that we chose was soothing to both children and adults alike.
Blue, which we use to color the tooth and light green to highlight the smile and the medical cross.

For the typography, we made it clean and clear.
By using a clean typeface “Montesserat”, we made sure that the wordmark would be legible.

Exploring the Brand

One of the main goals of this dental practice was accessibility to people of all ages and backgrounds. We kept that in mind during the designing and branding process. Therefore the branding had to be fun and welcoming and still stand out among the many competitors. We used this approach later on the website as well. We made sure that the font size wasn’t too small for the elderly to read while using distinct descriptions for the different services that were to be provided.

The colors we chose had to be soothing to both children and adults alike. 

During the final part of the branding, we paid attention to the name badges, making sure the name of the dentist and the many assistants were clearly readable. Half of the time we go to the dentist, we don’t recall who it was that treated us or held our hand during that awful tooth extraction.


The work that we created for this young dental practice was a fun and educational experience for us. I mean, we’re flossing more often now than we used to. We created an approachable and straightforward brand that we’re proud of, and we look forward to working with this brand again in the future.
Dentistry is an innovative field and we’re hoping to stay up to date and relevant with both design and branding every step of the way. 

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