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Bote Natif which means “Native Beauty” in Haitian creole was a project we were hired to bring to life. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the project did not go through. However, we saw so much potential in it that we decided to make it a creative side project.

The goal of Bote Natif was to make natural self-care products accessible for the Afro community in the Netherlands and surrounding countries like France and Germany. Black people practically created self-care by using natural products such as shea butter and coconut oil to moisturize our skin and hair for as long as we can remember.

Brainstorming Sessions

In our first online meeting, we discovered more about what the creators behind Bote Natif envisioned for the online shop and the movement behind their slogan, ‘self-care for kings and queens’. They showed us examples of the bottles and jars that were in the prototype face. After a brief explanation about the brand, it was clear they wanted a design that was not complicated and would not appear too busy on their products.


A week and half later, we presented them with two design options and the direction we wanted to go in. One of them stood out, and here we are.


Design & Concept

The font we chose was based on the fact that the brand wasn’t geared toward a classy and expensive audience. The design had to scream quality at an affordable price. We selected a font that was readable but also had style and flair. The logo and product design were different, but it would fit in without any problems in the cosmetic department.

The creators knew they wanted the color maroon in the mix. We went with that because we believed that maroon matches dark skin perfectly, however, we added a second color (cream) to compliment the maroon and to lighten things up a little. 

Exploring the Brand

Bote Natif wanted to build a community and bring awareness to the importance of self-care for melanated skin. The tone of the branding had to be fun, joyful, airy, and informative. I think we managed to capture and visualize those feelings throughout the branding of this project.


Though the project did not go through, we still enjoyed doing it as a side project. We hope one day the creators will decide to pick back up this wonderful business venture, so we could someday see these beautiful designs come to life.

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